Photo black & white from Natalia Ciric for the song dreaming for free from Samuel Christen
RELEASED: 21/01/2016
ARTIST: Samuel Christen
PRODUCER: Samuel Christen
Dreaming for free

All instruments played, vocals, recorded, produced by Samuel Christen
photography by Natalia Ciric



In my dreams
can make it

in my dreams
can see

you’re so close
can’t find it

you’re so free
can’t see

In my dreams
i will reach you

in my dreams
i will see you

what you see is
what you pray for

in my dreams
it will be

I can see
strange things happening

is this real
is this true

are they joking
are they laughing

it’s for me
it’s for you

don’t be anxious
don’t be scared

go on walking
go on through

In my dreams
i can brake it

in my dreams
i will see

must be conscious
must be real

my heart is breaking
i will be free

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