the CD Cover Image for Samuel Christen's new CD disappeared to be myself.
RELEASED: 15/03/2017
ARTIST: Samuel Christen
PRODUCER: Samuel Christen
disappeared to be myself

This is the first CD from Samuel Christen. It’s released in digital and physical form. You can buy the physical CD directly on this website.

Samuel made all the songs in his home studio in Valignat, France. He played all the instruments, sang and produced the entire CD on his own.

Photo credits for each song goes to Natalia Ciric.


List of the songs on the CD;

1 Disappeared

2 Can’t even say my name

3 A Place

4 Everything is everywhere

5 See the Sea

6 Beautiful Angel

7 Dreaming for free

8 You and I

9 No answer


The CD was released in March 2017

Physical CD comes with 12 page booklet including photos from Natalia Ciric and lyrics.

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