Photo black & white from Natalia Ciric for the song can't even say my name from Samuel Christen
RELEASED: 13/06/2016
ARTIST: Samuel Christen
PRODUCER: Samuel Christen
Can’t even say my name

All instruments played, vocals, recorded, produced by Samuel Christen
photography by Natalia Ciric


I’m floating in my own world
i’m drifting from time to time
It’s nothing you ever heard
it’s no one to tell you why
There’s no one to believe this
no one to make it right
I’m floating here beside of you
i don’t even know who i am

Can’t say my name
can’t even say my name

I’m here because i need you
everything is alright
Whatever you want from me
is whatever you can’t explain
See them drifting
see them going away
So glad to be here
so happy to stay

Can’t say my name
can’t even say my name

Waiting for you
waiting here for you
I’m waiting, i’m waiting
i’m waiting for you

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